Jabłonna, wieś, k. Legionowo, Mazowieckie woj., PL

Final collected data/Końcowe zebrane dane (plus sources/źródła)

  • Ownership/Własność: Confirmed/potwierdzona
  • Identification/Trafność: 100%
  • Precision/precyzja: Exact/dokładna
  • Place/miejsce:

Location of Jablonna, PL.
Lat 52.3667 Long 20.9333

  • Type/typ:

Village/wieś and palace/palac

  • Historical & other names/Historyczne i inne nazwy:

Jabłonowo - http://www.jablonna.pl/index.php?cmd=zawartosc&opt=pokaz&id=493&lang=eng

  • Current location: province & country (code)/Współczesna lokacja: prowincja i kraj (kod):

Mazowieckie woj., Polska (PL)

  • Coordinates/koordynaty:

Lat 52.3667 Long 20.9333 http://www.fallingrain.com/world/PL/67/Jablonna2.html

  • The closest town or city/Najbliższa większa miejscowość:


  • Significance/rola miejsca:

A property of the Ciołek-Poniatowski family.

  • Related places/Powiązania:

unknown/nie znane

  • Early date/Wczesna data:

1774 - http://www.jablonna.pl/index.php?cmd=zawartosc&opt=pokaz&id=493&lang=eng

  • Late date/Późna data:

1822 - http://www.jablonna.pl/index.php?cmd=zawartosc&opt=pokaz&id=493&lang=eng

  • Additional notes/ekstra dane: notes notes

Raw notes/Wstępne notatki

"In 1774 Jabłonna was purchased from the Płock Chapter by Bishop Michał Jerzy Poniatowski, who used his income from the Cracow bishopric to develop the estate and build a palace with outhouses, pavilions, a Chinese bower and a grotto. Under his wise management, the layout of the village was adjusted, buildings for villagers were erected and the road linking Jabłonna with Warsaw was improved. […]

After the death of Michał Poniatowski in 1794, the Jabłonna estate was taken over by his nephew, Prince Józef Poniatowski, who usually spent the summers between 1798 and 1806 there, and in winter he stayed at the Copper Roof Palace in Warsaw. […]

In his will, Prince Poniatowski bequeathed the Jabłonna estate to his sister Maria Teresa [Poniatowski-] Tyszkiewicz on the condition that it would later be transferred to his niece, Anna née Tyszkiewicz, 1st married name Potocka, 2nd married name Dunin Wąsowicz. Following the transfer in 1822, Anna commissioned a thorough remodelling of the palace and garden […] http://www.jablonna.pl/index.php?cmd=zawartosc&opt=pokaz&id=493&lang=eng

Jablonna, Poland Page
Other names: Jabłonna
Lat 52.3667 Long 20.9333

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