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WARNING: This is a work in progress. Contents of this wiki site will be developed, verified and improved upon for several long months. Any of the data pages and maps (esp. details of place names, dates, and geographical coordinates) may change suddenly, as well as change several times in short succession.

Therefore, this work should not be depended on in any manner by other scholarly or popular projects until the current label 'work in progress' is removed from this site. - tmc, Mar 2009.


All readers of this wiki are warmly invited to suggest corrections, additional sources, addenda, and other improvements to any portion of data presented at this site.

Please use the "Comments" section in each of the pages that require editor's attention, or send an email to T. Matthew [Tadeusz Maciej] Ciołek at the email address below:

Dr T. Matthew Ciołek (moc.keloic|keloicmt#moc.keloic|keloicmt), Canberra, ACT, Australia.

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